Where to eat in Jardim do Mar?

Discover a selection of bars and restaurants near Jardim Do Mar, the ideal village to spend a relaxing stay in Madeira and enjoy the sun and good weather. Use the map below to help you locate the establishments.

This list of establishments is not exhaustive and is provided as a guide to help you plan your stay. Some establishments may be missing or closed. Contact me to update the list if necessary.

Near de Jardim do Mar :

  • Bars :
  • Bars :
  • Restaurants :

Less than 5 km away de Jardim do Mar :

Bars :

  • (Near 3.23 km)
  • (Near 3.61 km)
  • (Near 4.18 km)

Restaurants :

  • (Near 3.88 km)
  • (Near 3.45 km)
  • (Near 3.56 km)
  • (Near 3.97 km)
  • (Near 4.09 km)
  • (Near 4.21 km)
  • (Near 4.26 km)

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