Madeira Island


Madeira Island:

Madeira is a volcanic island in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean whose last eruptions date back to about 6000 years ago. The subtropical climate makes it a dream destination where you can alternate between coasts, cliffs and the heart of the island in the mountains. Madeira Island has the particularity of being very green: the primary forest covers a large part of the island with its lush vegetation and numerous springs and waterfalls.

This Portuguese archipelago was discovered in 1420 by the navigator and explorer João Gonçalves Zarco da Câmara, and subsequently colonised. An autonomous region of Portugal, the archipelago has more than 267,000 inhabitants spread over all the coasts of the island, including 112,000 Madeirans in the capital: Funchal.

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In this guide you will discover the most beautiful spots on the Flower Island: São Lourenço Point, Cabo Girão or Ponta do Pargo. You will also discover the levadas, the famous irrigation channels that criss-cross the island. Not forgetting the Picos or of course the primary forest: the laurisilva, a UNESCO World Heritage treasure. Madeira is a real paradise for nature lovers and hikers!

Madeira is also its capital: the city of Funchal. A very special atmosphere and a very lively city! The charm of the old town, or the Monte district, accessible by cable car. Don't hesitate to discover its market to taste the local produce: fruit and vegetables, fish, or stop in one of the bars to enjoy a glass of Madeira wine or the local poncha. Funchal is also the place to visit the gardens: the botanical garden, but also the gardens of the old quintas like the tropical garden of Monte Palace.

The many towns and Freguesia (villages) each with their own charm. You can stay in hotels, guest houses or even with local people, depending on your taste.

The many other villages all around the Portuguese island, along the coast, are places to visit outside of Funchal. Almost every village is worth a visit: for example Porto Da Cruz, Seixal or Santana in the north, Jardim do Mar, Câmara de lobos in the south... without forgetting one of the few villages in the centre of the island: Curral Das Freiras literally surrounded by mountains.

You'll have understood: Madeira is a favourite destination for an amazing holiday in one of the most beautiful European islands: an eternal springtime so rich that it takes time to discover the most beautiful spots, but also the more secret corners to spend a relaxing stay away from the crowd, and why not do amazing activities, such as meeting whales, dolphins, but also monk seals, protected species.

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Your holiday in Madeira :

You too have fallen in love with Madeira and you want to organise your stay in the Portuguese archipelago?

Organise your stay in Madeira by yourself

Madeira the Guide takes you through all the steps to prepare the trip of your dreams. You will need time to discover Madeira, but by following each of the steps in "prepare your trip", you should be able to prepare a tailor-made trip and not miss anything of the island, both in the programme you are going to concoct, and in the choice of accommodation providers (hotel, flat or house rental...), transport and catering.

Trusting a travel agency

As we all know, organising a trip takes time. There are a lot of travel agencies that should be able to help you and make it easier for you. From all-inclusive to tailor-made trips, it's a real job to find the right agency and you also have to pay attention to all the details: are the flights included, is there insurance, is the programme suitable for me? The advantage of an agency is that you avoid unpleasant surprises and disappointment. Look at the reviews too, it can help!

Ask yourself the right questions and compare programmes. Don't just look at the price. Ask yourself real questions: Which trip is right for me? Am I going with a group to do excursions, or do I want a maximum of freedom and autonomy? What type of accommodation do I need? Do I prefer to be based in the capital, or in a more isolated village?
An unforgettable experience...

I think that sums it up: your stay in Madeira has to be perfect. It's a welcoming, festive, beautiful island and it would be a shame to leave with regrets. Meet the Madeirans, stroll through the villages, taste the local specialties, relax and enjoy the beaches and resorts, play tourist and add each of the island's must-see spots to your todolist, and most of all enjoy the abundant, flowery and green nature that Madeira offers!

Madeira : photos gallery

Madeira landscapes: mountains and oceanthe rugged coastline of Sao Lourenco

Typical Madeira house in Santana

Small fishing port in MadeiraFlower gardens of Funchal

Porto Moniz natural pools

Madeira's green and flowery landscapeMadeira mountains: the picos

Madeira road waterfall

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

+ What is the area of Madeira?

The main island of Madeira covers an area of 750 km², 90% of the total size of the archipelago.
The archipelago of Madeira and its islands, including Porto Santo, covers a total area of 801 km².

+ where is madeira located?

The Madeira archipelago is located in the southwest of Portugal, less than 1000 km from the Portuguese coast, in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Madeira is however much closer to Morocco: about 700 km to the east. See the article : where is madeira located?

+ What is the highest point in Madeira?

This is the Pico Ruivo, which rises to 1861 metres, the highest peak in Portugal. It is a mountainous island and there are many ridges in the centre.

+ How many people live in Madeira?

There are just over 270,000 inhabitants in Madeira. The most populated city is Funchal with over 100,000 inhabitants.