When is the best time to go to Madeira?

Like almost all the Macaronesian islands, Madeira Island has a subtropical climate, so the weather is almost year-round, although the rainy season is not to be overlooked. The climate is undoubtedly the number one criterion, but you have to think about the number of visitors and your budget if you want to have an unforgettable holiday.

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Use the questionnaire above to find out which departure period is right for you, or learn about the different seasons in Madeira with this article:

Madeira in winter?

Temperatures range from an average of 13°C at night to 20°C during the day in Madeira winter. The weather can change quickly, with the arrival of rain. That's why Madeira is called the Flower Island or the Garden of the Atlantic: a subtropical climate, a mix of volcanic soil, sun and moderate rain. It rains a lot between October and February, between 10 and 15 days per month. So be careful and check the weather forecast if you want to go hiking in the mountains or on excursions. The same applies if the objective is to stroll on the beaches to enjoy the ocean. On the other hand, this period is ideal for enjoying the city of Funchal, for example, with its botanical garden, or any other village on the island. Also beware of the festive season: prices are very high especially for air travel.

Madeira in summer?

On average, temperatures in the archipelago range from 15°C at night to 26°C during the day in summer: nothing extreme (especially when you see the heatwaves in France) even if the sun beats down very hard, beware of sunburn! The problem is that Madeira seems to be very busy at this time of year with a lot of tourists. So that includes the whole problem of mass tourism: people cramming together in buses to discover the hot spots, the locals are tired, and I admit I'm looking for anything but too many people. I like to have peace, to be without stress to visit, to discover a place, a city. Zen-attitude. So very little for me if I want to have a successful holiday in Madeira.

In spring or autumn?

The rainy season ends in April, so I would say April to June, or September/October. Ideal to go hiking and discover the island's landscapes. You can still go swimming in October. Also note that the flower festival, the most famous festival of the archipelago, is in May (except this year, it will take place in October 2021).
And in terms of prices, which is the most advantageous?

In terms of tariffs, if we follow a little of what I said above, we come to these conclusions:

    Low rates from November to March.
    Mid season in spring: April to June and in autumn from September to October.
    High season in July and August, and in May as well
    Very high season at Christmas & New Year.

Finally, when to go to Madeira Island?

That's a very personal answer, everyone will find their own. In my opinion, the best time to go on holiday in Madeira would be early October. This will allow me to enjoy the mountains and the levadas with little traffic. There will always be a bit of entertainment and the temperatures are right: little precipitation, and attractive prices. We should therefore be able to alternate between discoveries and idleness at the beach or in the bars, without being bothered by the tourist buses! As a second choice, we could opt for a date in spring, why not in April!

When to go to Madeira
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