Madeira's natural pools

Madeira's natural pools

Do you want to swim and enjoy a fantastic setting? Then head to the northwest of the island!

Madeira is a volcanic island with very few sandy beaches, which is not always easy for a little swim, especially with children. However, the Flower Island is known and famous for its natural volcanic pools. The rock that emerges from the water protects it from the ocean waves and makes for a pleasant and safe swim in clear water. The most beautiful pools can be found in the town of Porto Moniz but also in Seixal. There are both natural and wild pools in the middle of the rocks where swimming is impossible, but also pools that are equipped and (sometimes) supervised. To get to the north-west of the island from Funchal by car, it takes between 40 and 50 minutes, passing through the heart of the island.

The natural pools of Porto Moniz

The pools are equipped with stairs and even have a children's area. This idyllic setting, a pool with an area of almost 3800 m², is nevertheless very popular in summer and will give you a very pleasant experience. The city is not only famous for its ponds, but also for its prestigious hotels and aquarium. You can also discover the natural volcanic side of this place by facing the islet Mole for superb photographs, but it will be impossible to swim there.

Less prestigious, but just as idyllic, in Seixal

The same type of installation can be found in Seixal, with rocks breaking the waves and crystal clear waters. There are 2 specific places where you can bathe and which are equipped. The place is a little bit smaller than Porto Moniz and therefore less known, it can be an opportunity to enjoy these beautiful places while being perhaps less bothered by the crowd. The place is of course touristy and equipped with a bar and sanitary facilities.

The capital also has a natural swimming pool

The Doca do Cavacas beach complex, just east of Formosa beach in Funchal, is also one of the most beautiful natural pools on the island. The price is affordable and the place has everything you need to have a good time: shower, bar, chairs and umbrellas. Ideal if you want to discover these amazing pools without crossing the whole island, or if you decide to spend some time in the capital!

Other places to relax and enjoy the view...

Finally, less popular and offering slightly less grandiose landscapes, the Ribeira do Faial seaside complex has a natural swimming pool, protected by a dyke. The area is landscaped with sandy beaches. There is also a pool fed by ocean water in Porto Da Cruz.

Madeira's natural pools :

Complexe balnéaire Doca do Cavacas

Piscines de Ponta Delgada

Complexe Balnéaire - piscine à Porto Da Cruz

Bassin Naturel de Seixal

Piscine naturelle de Seixal

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Porto Moniz swimming pool complexNatural swimming pool in the rocks of Porto Moniz

The turquoise waters of Porto Moniz's natural pools

Seixal natural swimming poolFunchal's natural swimming pool: doca do cavacas

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