Where to swim in Madeira ?

When you go to an island, you inevitably think of sandy beaches and coconut palms, waves and sun. Madeira is not, strictly speaking, the ideal destination for this. The island is more of a surfing spot due to its waves, although there are various options for swimming, from man-made beaches with dykes to protect from the waves, to the well known natural pools on Madeira Island. There are also many private and public swimming pools all over the island, some of them really 5 star!

Discover in this section all the places to swim and enjoy a cocktail on a terrace while enjoying the view, the sun and the fresh ocean air.

The temperature of the ocean varies between 18 and 23°C all year round. The coldest months are from December to April. The waves make it easier to get into the water. So you can swim all year round in Madeira if you are not cold.

If you want to sunbathe and swim, the months of May to September are obviously the best. The island of Porto Santo and its 7 km long beach should interest you, even if the influence of tourists is impressive in high season!



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