Caldeirao Verde Waterfall

« a waterfall of more than 100 m »

With its mountainous relief, Madeira Island has many springs and waterfalls that can be discovered. Man has made use of this natural wealth by building irrigation channels called levadas to bring water to the crops. It is possible to discover several waterfalls of the island by following these famous levadas.

cascade du caldeirao Verde
« cascade du caldeirao Verde - © VillageHero »

The Caldeirao Verde waterfall is the highlight of the Levada do Caldeirao Verde hike, a 7km route in the heart of the Madeiran forest. Located at 980 meters above sea level, in the hollow of the island's mountains, the water comes from the Sao Jorge River, 100 meters higher, from the Ribeira Grande gorge.

la hauteur impressionnante de la cascade du chaudron vert
« la hauteur impressionnante de la cascade du chaudron vert - © Helder »

The waterfall forms a small lagoon with turquoise blue waters, in the middle of Madeira's lush forest, a true paradise on earth. Hence the name "green cauldron".

Please note that swimming in the lagoon has been prohibited for some years. The water is certainly particularly cold, but above all the lagoon is dangerous because of the possibility of falling rocks. It is therefore forbidden to swim and to approach the waterfall.

Le lagon formé par la cascade du Caldeirao Verde
« Le lagon aux eaux turquoises du Caldeirao Verde - ©YODspica »

Note that there are other waterfalls in the same area, less impressive but very immersive, along the levada caldeirao verde, but also along the levada caldeirao do inferno. One of them ends its fall in the middle of the path, at the exit of the tunnel.


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