Eira do Serrado

Eira do Serrado - Pico do Serrado

« A panoramic view of the Nonnes valley »

Going to Eira do Serrado will allow you to discover a 180° panorama on the famous Nuns' Valley and on the small village of Curral das Freiras, cut in 2 by the "survivors' river". This viewpoint at 1080 m high, on the Pico do Serrado, allows you to discover the whole valley located 600 metres below as well as views of the majestic picos of Madeira Island.

Vue panoramique depuis le pico do serrado - vallée des nonnes
« Vue plongeante sur la vallée des Nonnes depuis le Pico do Serrado »

How to get to Eira do Serrado?

This viewpoint, located north of Funchal, is accessible by regular bus or by car, on slightly... dizzying roads! You can also get there on foot from the village of Curral das Freiras.

By regular bus

Route 81 from Funchal takes you up the small mountain road to the Serrado area. It takes between 25 and 45 minutes for an impressive ride on the steep and winding roads of the Madeiran mountains.

By hire car or taxi

You can drive either from the north from the VE6 tunnel and then take the small winding road up to the pico, or from Funchal (like the 81 bus).

On foot on the small mountain path Caminho das Voltas

A 2.6km climb from the bottom of the valley, in Curral das Freiras, on the small Caminho das Voltas path. The gradients are significant, sometimes over 30%! A real little climb that takes you to the hostel and then to the Belvedere. (see map below).

The Eira do Serrado Hostel

A 4 star hotel and SPA that can accommodate you for one or more nights. With a restaurant and a bar with a terrace overlooking the valley, you can enjoy a relaxing meal in a place with a magnificent view of the valley!

petit chemin qui mène au pico, vue sur l'auberge eira do serrado
« Le chemin qui mène au Pico, avec l'auberge Eira do Serrado - © Sicco2007 »

A tourist place

Vue sur le village de Curral das FreirasVue sur la montagne, avec l'océan en fond
« Vue sur Curral das Freiras et sur la montagne à l'ouest du pico do Serrado - © Michael Gaylard »

With its proximity to the capital Funchal and its incredible panorama, Eira do Serrado is a popular place for tourists and holidaymakers. It allows you to discover the fabulous picos of the island without too much effort, provided you are not scared by the steep road. Nevertheless, this viewpoint is one of the most beautiful spots on Madeira Island.


Carte interactive de Eira do Serrado - Pico do Serrado

Légende de la carte :

------ Chemin das Voltas    Point de départ   Point d'arrivée de la randonnée.
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