Pico's Madeira

An island of volcanic origin, the many eruptions have shaped Madeira's landscape: the peaks, or picos in Portuguese, are numerous and rise to an altitude of 1840 metres in the heart of the island. There's nothing like it to get a good view of the island through its green valleys while being above the clouds! Among the most famous peaks: Pico Ruivo, the highest point of the island, Pico do Arieiro, very close to Funchal, or Pico das Torres. Most of these peaks can be explored on foot, and through paths and sometimes even tunnels, you will discover the most beautiful views of the island.

There are also many cliffs and other mountains that are a must-see: Cabo Girao, one of the highest cliffs in Europe, or in the north of the island, the Eagle Rock : Penha de Aguia, one of the most imposing volcanic mounds!

How to discover the Madeiran mountains?

A real treasure of the island, just like the laurisilva forest, Madeira's picos can be discovered on foot most of the time. Many hikes are available with safe and marked routes, such as the PR1: vereda do Pico Ruivo.

However, it is important not to neglect safety when hiking: the mountain can be dangerous and vertiginous, with cliffs and precipices at the edge of the paths. It is also important to check the weather forecast before leaving, and to be aware of your general state of fitness: it is a mountainous island, there are many positive and negative changes in altitude, stairs, tunnels. In short: discovering Madeira's mountains requires preparation and cannot be improvised!