Levada Nova & Levada do Moinho

« Vertiginous hike »

Warning: the Levada da Nova hike is more difficult than it looks. Some passages are quite technical, on the side of a cliff and on small paths 50 cm wide. Do not venture on this route if you are not experienced hikers or if you have problems with vertigo. Not suitable for children.

The route presented here is considered one of the most difficult hikes in Madeira. The trail is not always maintained and can be dangerous in some places. The technical passages are normally secured and equipped with railings. On the length side, about 10 kilometres, and not much of an incline. It takes about 4 hours to complete the loop.

La randonnée Levada Nova Levada do Moinho, à flanc de la montagne - vue GoogleEarthVue de la trace GPS à flanc de falaise - vue GoogleEarth
« Le parcours à flanc de montagne, vue depuis GoogleEarth »

The route starts in the small town of Lombada, a small village linked to the municipality of Ponta do Sol, in southern Madeira. To get to the start of the walk, you have to go to the church and park in the small car park. The highlight of the walk is the Nova and Moinho waterfall, which is located half way along the route. There are many other small waterfalls to discover, and also very beautiful panoramas on the mountain and the Paul da Serra plateau.

Les panoramas extraordinaires depuis la levada nova - Madère
« Les panoramas extraordinaires depuis la levada nova ©Andy Walker the hiker »

The Levada Nova

This is the part most subject to the void and the risk of falling. The view over the valley is impressive and really worth the diversions. There are different elements that we will take: stairs, small footbridges, we cross the levada at times etc.

Cheminement à flanc de montagne de la levada Nova
« Cheminement à flanc de montagne de la levada Nova à Ponta do Sol - © coldsource »

During the route, there is a 200 m long tunnel at about kilometre 4. Bring a torch. We then arrive at the Nova waterfall. It is a bit confusing, as its waterfall is right on the path. Hence the interest to always have rain gear with you!

La cascade Nova taillée dans la roche - MadèreZoom sur la cascade de Nova - levada Madère
« La cascade Nova taillée dans la roche - © Coldsource »

At the end of the section of the Levada Nova that we take, there are different possibilities with stairs, which can make you turn slightly in circles. The GPS track I propose on the map below is probably not very accurate on this point. The levada continues much further, towards the east and the village of Tabua. It is the subject of another itinerant hike, the levada Nova.

The Levada do Moinho

panorama à mi-parcours des levadas nova et domoinho
« Le superbe panorama à mi-parcours, à la jonction des deux levadas - © coldsource »

This is the second part of the walk which follows an old levada. It is easier than the first part, less maintained, but less dangerous. It allows you to reach Lombada and discover the terraced banana crops on the cliffs below.

Le sentier pas toujours très entretenu mais très joli de la levada no levada do moinho
« Le sentier pas toujours très entretenu mais très joli de la levada - ©Andy Walker the hiker »

Should we do this hike?

I gave it an interest rating of 3/5. It is an interesting hike and can bring different sensations from the more classic levadas. It is not for everyone, but after all, why not, the views on the valley and the terraced crops are worth the diversions!

Levada et fleurs au bordLevada Nova, vers Lombada, Ponto do Sol
« Entre panorama lointain et beauté du sentier - © VillageHero »

Hiking information

randonnée : boucle Levada Nova et do Moinho

Departure : Lombada
Type de parcours : boucle
Altitude Max : 800 m
Difficulty : Difficile

8.09 km
4 h
Deniv +
+674 m
Download tracer GPS (GPX)
The GPX course is provided for information only and without guarantee.

Les dénivelés du parcours

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------ randonnée : boucle Levada Nova et do Moinho - environ 8.09 km    Départ et arrivée de la randonnée.
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