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The small village of Seixal is located on the northwest coast of Madeira Island. It's a small village on the ocean side, part of the municipality of Porto Moniz, with just over 700 inhabitants. Seixal is known for its natural pools and black sand beach, but there are other treasures to discover, such as its terraced vineyards.

Seixal, vue de loin
« Piscinas volcánicas naturales, Seixal, Madeira, Portugal, 2019-05-30, DD 69 »

Where to swim in Seixal?

There are several possibilities to swim in Seixal: in the natural pools of Seixal which are a little less spectacular and known than those of Porto Moniz, and perhaps a little more accessible: the place is less touristy. Otherwise you can swim on the long black sand beach east of the village. It is one of the few natural sandy beaches on the island.

Plage de sable noir de Seixal
« La plage de sable noir de Seixal, l'une des plus belles de Madère »

What to do in Seixal?

A bit of a stroll through the village in relaxed mode

There is a lot of terraced culture in the heart of the village, so don't hesitate to go for a walk inside Seixal, it's a bit uphill but why not... You can also take a pleasant walk along the natural pools and the beautiful black sand beach that borders the village. There are two sites to discover for the natural pools: east and west of the small village as I said before.

The Bridal Veil Waterfall

To visit Seixal is to take the time to discover a welcoming and relaxing place, with a view of the coast and its spectacular cliffs. Look up to the east of the village, so as not to miss the Miradouro do Veu da Noiva: the Bridal Veil Waterfall. An impressive 110m high waterfall that cascades into the ocean.

The beautiful Chão da Ribeira valley

A little further south, crossing some cultivated fields, you can reach the beautiful Chão da Ribeira valley. A short hike of less than 10 km that allows you to discover the laurisilva forest, and beautiful waterfalls as you approach the levada do Seixal. This route passes through the vereda da feital and do Lombo Barbinhas. It's a bit physical as there is a bit of an incline, but it's a great opportunity to immerse yourself in Madeira's nature without being crowded.

How to get to Seixal?

With a rental car, the village can be reached from Sao Vicente to the east via the E.R. 101 road and along the ocean. The road continues west towards Porto Moniz: you can take a tunnel of about 500 m along the coast, still on the E.R. 101. This tunnel dates from the 1950s. (see how to get to Porto Moniz)

It is possible to go to Seixal by bus from Camara de Lobos (near Funchal) to Seixal, for between €4 and €6. The whole journey takes 2.5 hours, compared to 40 minutes by car.

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