Prepare your luggage and don't forget anything

I'm going to list here all the things you'll need to have peace of mind when you go to Madeira and not have to buy any equipment on the spot. Some items will seem "logical" but if you can avoid forgetting something and having to run on site, it's better.

A backpack

A bag that will accompany us in the cabin, but also throughout our stay. So choose a backpack that is comfortable enough with various horizontal straps. It is important to divide up your belongings well BEFORE you check in your luggage in the hold. Some items are forbidden in the cabin and will be confiscated without any scruples when boarding!

Choosing your suitcase

Here are some details that may be important. As far as the suitcase that will go in the hold is concerned, you should choose a suitcase that is sufficiently rigid, but also recognisable. Almost all suitcases are black. There is nothing more annoying than having one and having to scan every piece of luggage at the airport to find your own on the conveyor belt. A little tip: to make it easily recognisable, you can attach a coloured charm to the handle that is bright enough to spot your luggage from a distance!

On the whole, there is a weight limit, depending on the airline and the plane ticket, which is on average about 20 kilos. You should also think about souvenirs. If your suitcase is full to bursting on the way out, don't rely too much on souvenirs, especially a few good bottles of Madeira wine.

Classic stuff:

  • Sunscreen! Even if the temperatures are not huge, the sun is strong and can burn quickly.
  • Sunglasses, beach towel and swimming costume
  • A pair of sandals / flip-flops
  • All the papers and documents needed for a successful trip
  • All the necessary linen. Choose light clothes for the day and one or two warmer clothes for evening outings or rainy days
  • The toiletry kit
  • Some basic medicines (Doliprane, anti-diarrhoea...).

For the excursions :

  • A water bottle
  • Hiking shoes, not high shoes to save space
  • A headlamp for the tunnels in the levadas
  • A hiking jacket for the coldest or windiest areas
  • A mackintosh
  • A hat (or cap)
  • A neck warmer (or buff)
  • A telescopic stick if you decide to go on long hikes
  • A small (Swiss) knife for the picnic (to be placed in the hold luggage)

If you have forgotten any of your belongings, which is a classic, you can go to one of the sports shops on the island. There is a Decathlon in Funchal.


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