The most beautiful flower pictures of Madeira

« Madeira: the garden of the Atlantic in pictures »

Madeira Island is not called the Garden of the Atlantic by chance! Thousands of flowers cover the island, providing a colourful backdrop and an incredible discovery of the island. Smell. Open your eyes and all your senses: nature is beautiful in Madeira!

A most colourful slideshow about Madeira's flowers:

Fleur blanche Madère

Agapanthus MadèreFleur Madère

Fleur couleur Madère

Madère - fleurAbeille butinant fleur de Madère

Abeille butinant fleur viperine elegante de Madère

Santolina - fleur Madèrefleur Madère

Flowers in the hills above Funchal

Birds of paradise, MadèreFlowers, Madeira

Aloe Vera on Madeira's picos

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gedeux, le 17-03-2023

Dommage de ne pas avoir le nom de toutes ces belles fleurs

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