Hiking in Madeira

Madeira: THE hiker's paradise. When you ask the question, what to do in Madeira? This is the first answer that comes to mind: HIKING!

The Flower Island is a natural playground for walking: the island is full of natural treasures that should be discovered throughout your trip and that will allow you to make unforgettable excursions: primary forest, waterfalls, levadas, mountains or seaside. The paths are very well maintained and marked out, and there is a network of more than 3,000 km available to walkers. There are routes for all levels, and there are two different names to group them together:

  • Levadas, walks along Madeira's irrigation tunnels
  • Veredas, which means "paths" and is a more general term.

The longer walks are listed as PR, and are officially recommended. But there are many others, which you can adapt to your liking and physical condition, the important thing is to enjoy yourself and recharge your batteries. You should not forget to be well equipped, as some routes were more difficult and dangerous than others. Safety is an important point not to be neglected.

Each hike offers its own set of discoveries. There are several angles of attack from a nature point of view: Madeira's primary and green forest with its share of waterfalls, the vertiginous Picos which require a certain physical condition with many stairs and tunnels, or the São Lourenço point, which is different from the rest of the island thanks to its desert landscapes.

Madeira's landscapes to discover while hiking:

Levada hiking MadeiraMadeira picos trekking

PR1 hiking in Madeira, Pico Ruivo

The 25 fountains - Madeira levada walkSao Lourenco Point walk

Valley of the nuns - hiking in Madeira's peaks

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